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Elder's Prayer - October 15, 2017

Elder's Prayer

Please find below the notes from the Elder's Prayer this past Sunday.

A little later in the service I will be introducing our guest pastor for this morning, Mike Summers.  Having heard him preach previously, I can tell I’m very much looking forward to hearing from him again. Now it’s not Mike’s fault, but the fact that Mike is here is a reminder that several men, including Pastor Bret, are not-because they are traveling abroad seeking to find ways our church can serve our Lord.

I know that they have been bathed in much prayer, but this morning I want us to continue interceding for them and their families in prayer as they travel on behalf of our congregation.

The apostle John, in the opening of his third epistle greets his brother Gaius and wishes him good health: He says, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, but then he goes on to say- as it goes well with your soul.

So, we must pray this morning for the physical health of our brothers-Pastor Bret, Brad Babcock, Brett Harris, Adam Naler as they travel-but we are reminded, that we must also especially pray for their spiritual health and also that of their families, as they seek ways to extend the gospel to parts of the world that are so spiritually dark. Just as in John’s time, God uses faithful men as the means to his end-John says in V4 that there is no greater joy to him than “to hear that my children", meaning God’s children, "are walking in the truth”

It is the Spirit of God that equips the children of God, and he does so with his truth-the Word of God-and his purpose is always to bring about his will-the will of God-and always-ultimately for the glory of God.

So, we must continue to pray that our brothers and their families would be sustained throughout this trip by the grace and truth of our God and that God will be glorified in all that they do.

We must pray for those faithful men and women who are already serving in that part of the world, that the Lord would continue to bless and honor their efforts.

We must also continue to pray that God would reveal his future plans, if any, for us, in that part of the world.

Please join me in prayer:  Father, we are grateful you have given us men, who on our behalf, are willing to travel to a remote part of the world where your gospel is so foreign to most of those who live there.

Your truth, the truth that has set us free is unknown to them. Lord I pray that increasingly your light of truth will shine through the darkness of that part of the world.

We know there are faithful men and women already there who are proclaiming your truth-please protect and guide them in all that they do.

We pray for those that have yet to hear and believe upon you that your Spirit would quicken their hearts-to understand your grace and mercy through our Lord Jesus Christ

We lift up our brothers and their families over the next number of days that they are traveling-please equip them with your Spirit for the challenges that are before them-both for those men that are traveling and for their families that remain here.

We pray you would give them wisdom and discernment regarding any future opportunities our church might have in that part of the world.

We pray you will cultivate healthy relationships between them and the International Mission Board.

Above all Lord, we pray that you will be done and you will be glorified in all that they do on your behalf.

In Jesus name we pray-Amen